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Residential sale effectiveness increase – New Engineering Sales Techniques

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    Mapping of market demand to reduce development risks and increase revenues

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    New interception demand tools

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    Growth of the match between market demand and properties sold through technological machines

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    Big Data search, analysis and clustering

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    New Mobile Marketing technologies

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    Sale structure and force optimization

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    Engineering variant technical feasibility and constructional costs analysis

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    Not for Profit

    Il Centro Giovani Coppie nasce nel 1994 per comprendere, tramite la riflessione e la ricerca, la realtà e i bisogni delle coppie. Nel 1999 il gruppo di lavoro si costituisce in Associazione di Volontariato ONLUS.

    The “Centro Giovani Coppie” was founded in 1994 to understand, through reflection and research, the reality and needs of couples. In 1999 the working group was formed into the ONLUS Voluntary Association.

    Progetto di ricerca per lo studio del disagio mentale giovanile e il cambiamento della qualità della vita dei giovani durante la pandemia da Covid19 nella città metropolitana di Milano

    Giuseppe Carrà, MD, MSc, PhD

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry

    Director of Psychiatric Services, Edoardo Bassini Hospital (MI)

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